Sponsorship Opportunities

UpdatedWednesday May 6, 2015 byThe MSHL.

The MSHL is looking to add League, Division, and Team sponsors for the upcoming 2015 season.  All sponsorship dollars will go towards purchasing team jeresy's. 

A detailed PDF is attached, but some highlights are listed below:

  • renaming of the current team name to your companies name
    • example: "XYX Company" Blackhawks
  • company name on the front of each teams jersey's (sample in the PDF)
  • advertising space on the offical MSHL website
  • advertising space on all MSHL weekly recaps, posters, flyers, ect..
  • weekly plugs on Season 2 Milwaukee Hockey Talk episodes

* as with any sponsorship opportunity, we are willing to customize your needs in any way we can to ensure you receive the BEST VALUE for your hard earned dollar as possible

Open the File Below and/or contact Matt Medvecz for further information:

262.308.5061 or themshlers@gmail.com

MSHL jeresy sponsorship.pdf